What Is a Document Management System and Why Do You Need it?

Business operations relentlessly involve paperwork. Companies across all industries deal with documents, including contracts and legal forms, daily. Traditional paper-based workflows involve manually filing documents, leading to a decrease in productivity and often a loss of vital documents. Aside from the tedious process of constantly organizing heaps of documents, the old-fashioned system of managing files is not eco-friendly, expensive in the long run, inefficient.

Documents are an indispensable element of business processes; no company goes through a day without receiving, reviewing, completing, or sharing documents. As companies, from fast-growing startups to multinational corporations, embrace digital solutions to enhance their workflows, the popularity of document management solutions continues to increase. Today, almost all companies utilize document management solutions to reduce the need for time-consuming, manual paperwork.

A document management system is more than just cloud storage. In essence, it is a software solution that supports the digital management of documentation. It is a way to store, edit, track, and share documents electronically. Such a system enables businesses to do away with bulky file cabinets, level up productivity and efficiency, cut operational costs, and stay on top documents for better file organization. This is most beneficial to companies that manage contracts and legal forms.

Advantages of a Document Management System

By utilizing a well-designed and secure document management system, businesses can focus on their core competencies better. For companies that deal with legal forms, contracts, and documents, its advantages cannot be overemphasized. Here are several benefits of using a document management system:


    • Accessible documents

Transactions that involve contracts and legal forms are critical, requiring a consistent collaboration better the signatories. These documents become portable and accessible from any location using a document management system.

It is not advisable and almost impossible to carry around hundreds — even thousands — of files. Doing so poses the risk of misplacing critical documents and exposing private information. Moreover, bringing files while on business trips or away from the office is unpleasant and impractical.

A cloud-based document management system enables users to add files to a secure library, only available to authorized collaborators, and retrieve them without difficulties. This eliminates the inconvenience of lugging around or digging through stacks of documents.

No matter the time and where you are in the world, with a stable internet connection, you can access, print, upload, and electronically sign documents using a reliable document management software.


    • Airtight security

Dealing with important documents requires tip-top security measures. As physical documents make their way in and out of a company, the fact that they can be stolen or destroyed easily increases the risks of fraud and identity theft.

A document management system highlights the importance of protecting files by adhering to global data and security standards. Traditional document management may result in files ending up with unauthorized individuals, even fraudsters. A document management system ensures that only authorized people can access your repository of files or just particularly documents.


    • Cost-effective operations

Paper-based procedures cost money. Utilizing a document management system reduces the use of documentation-related items, such as papers, ink, file folders, and filing cabinets. In addition, it can help free up areas once occupied by bulky cabinets. These areas may then be transformed into more functional and income-generating workspaces.


    • Increased productivity

Document management solutions enable users to be more efficient, resulting in an increase in productivity and output. Today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business environment leaves no room for unwise and time-consuming processes. By not wasting time and effort in manually dealing with papers, professionals can focus on their more crucial tasks — tasks that actually matter and accomplish long-term goals.

As the business landscape constantly evolves, integrating innovative solutions to in-house processes proves to be beneficial and the right way. Utilizing a document management system positively reshapes and impacts every part of a company, reinforcing its strategies to achieve objectives accurately.

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