Work From Anywhere Using a Document Management System

Technology continues to simplify lives. Every year, disruptive businesses present innovations that enhance the way we do our day-to-day tasks. Instead of visiting a library to look for and borrow books on specific topics, we can now access information online using a device connected to a reliable internet connection. We no longer need to wait for our turn to get a cab at a taxi stand. Using our smartphone, we can now download a ride-hailing application to book a car easily, avoiding long queues and large crowds, particularly during rush hours. Instead of going to a mall, we can now shop for products while lying in bed or passively watching a television series at the confines of our home.

Over the years, while technology has made the way we perform and accomplish our tasks better, our professional job does not always stay in the office. This is accurate for professions with time-sensitive processes that require paperwork, such as sales, human resources, and marketing.

A document management system is a software solution that allows users to upload files to a cloud-based storage, providing a program where they can edit, complete, and share documents. Apart from enabling companies to do away with space-consuming filing cabinets, improve workflow efficiency, increase productivity and output, and reduce operational costs, a document management system lets professionals work from anywhere.

Accessibility of cloud-based documents

In the past, access to files remained a hindrance to complete paperwork, as they are locked away inside the office, crammed into heavy filing cabinets. Today, utilizing a document management system enables professionals to work from anywhere, making it possible to access documents and complete paperwork at any time, no matter their location — on the road, at a coffee shop, or even in another country.

Sometimes, meeting up with clients requires professionals to carry important files with them, including legal forms and contracts that contain personal information. By adopting a document management system, files will be available using a smartphone or tablet. In addition, aside from being able to access files wherever they are, a document management software allows them to edit, fill out, and electronically sign documents to fast-track and validate transactions.

Secure access to documents

A document management system gives professionals the ability to maintain a secure library for their files. In general, such a system utilizes encryption and follows global data protection standards to ensure that all uploaded documents remain private and safe. This lets professionals share documents quickly and securely with clients and colleagues. No longer will they send unsecure post or electronic mails, as all files are protected, eliminating the worry of files ending up with the wrong people.

While documents are an indispensable component of business processes, manual filing of documents decreases productivity. Thus, professionals get more work done using a document management system. 

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