Types of Forms You Can Fill Out Online on PDFRun

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Online forms are part of an individual’s everyday life. In fact, on average, we encounter six to eight forms daily.

This is particularly accurate in the business world, where online forms are used by organizations for all sorts of purposes — from internal HR assessments to invoice processing and customer feedback surveys.

Professionals across business sectors use online forms to gather information from customers or clients. Educational institutions use them to collect admissions data and process applications. Some government agencies use online forms as part of their workflows, too.

The goal of online forms is to make it easy for users to input their required information. If a form is too long or complicated, users are likely to abandon it before completing it.

By using online forms instead of physical documents, you will be able to:

  • Save more time and become more efficient —  Instead of taking a long time writing down your information, you will only have to type them in. When you fill out forms digitally instead of doing it traditionally, you won’t have to write manually on paper. This way, you can reduce the time you are spending filling out the forms you need.
  • Avoid mistakes — When you fill out your forms online instead of writing them manually on paper, you will be able to avoid making mistakes such as misspelled words, wrong information, and erasures. If you happen to make a mistake while filling out online forms, you can easily change them since you are doing it digitally.
  • Preserve your records with ease — By digitally filling out the forms you need, you will be able to keep a copy for yourself before sending it to recipients, including government agencies, companies, and other professionals. This will be much more efficient than writing down information manually and then photocopying the documents afterward. 
  • Reduce costs — Filling out the forms online, using only your device, means that you will not have to leave the house. Instead of taking your car or commuting to your desired destination just to submit the necessary forms, you can do so in the comfort of your own home. Moreover, online forms reduce the cost of paperwork since there will be no papers involved in the process.


PDFRun provides different online forms that you can fill out. They range from tax and business documents to school and legal forms. Here are the forms you can electronically fill out on PDFRun:

Tax Forms

Tax forms are official documents required by the U.S. government through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for taxpayers to fill out to fulfill their tax obligations. Usually, the more complex a citizen’s finances are, the more tax forms he or she may need to fill out. In general, these forms are used to calculate how much taxes are owed and to track information such as charitable donations. They may also be used to claim tax deductions and credits. There are many different tax forms that taxpayers should use, depending on their circumstances.


Business Forms

Business forms are used by business entities for specific transactions. These transactions may include purchasing products, availing of services, and establishing sales or partnership agreements. By filling out business forms, professionals can do their transactions more efficiently and conveniently since they can send and receive forms online.


Government Forms

Government forms are legal documents that citizens of the United States use for specific purposes, including applying for government identification cards, individual sureties, and state driver’s licenses. When U.S. citizens fill out government forms online, they will not have to physically visit government offices just to submit their documents. However, you need to take note that some government transactions require individuals to visit government agencies.


Real Estate Forms

Real estate forms are used by real estate professionals and property owners to solidify their real estate transactions. In general, these forms are legally binding and important for creating specific terms and conditions that will govern the transaction and protect all the parties involved. There are a few key real estate documents that are commonly used in transactions, such as the offer to purchase, the contract of sale, and the deed.


Legal Forms

Legal forms are legally binding documents that individuals use to certify that they have entered into an agreement with other parties. They are important because they have the legal force and effect that is associated with other types of legally binding documents. These forms can be used for a variety of purposes, including the formalization of business transactions, proof of an individual’s consent to enter into an agreement, or as documentation in establishing a person’s rights and obligations under a contract.


Finance Forms

Finance forms or financial forms are used by businesses for a variety of purposes, including reporting financial data to tax authorities and regulators, tracking internal finances, communicating with investors or shareholders, and preparing budgets. Depending on the purpose of a form, it may be presented in either paper or electronic format. Certain types of financial documents are considered very important by financial institutions and must be kept on file for a specified time.


Employment Forms

Employment forms are documents that human resource professionals, including recruiters and HR managers, use to manage applicants and employment processes. Typically, these forms serve two purposes: to document the employment process and to establish a baseline of skills, experience, and qualifications required for specific jobs.


Health Forms

Health forms are private, healthcare documents that individuals use to make decisions about, declare their health status, and track their health. They may be used to provide information about an individual’s current state of health, medical history, or family health history. Moreover, they are important tools that can help individuals make informed decisions about their health. They can also help healthcare providers better understand an individual’s health status and needs.


Human Resources Forms

Human resource forms are vital company documents that help to keep track of employee information. These documents serve as proof of policies, act as guides for company procedures, and contain employee records. All of these elements are necessary to ensure that both the company and the employees can function smoothly. Human resources forms range from recruitment process documents and employment contracts to performance appraisal documents and employee clearance forms.


Military Forms

Military forms are official military documents active duty personnel and veterans use to apply for benefits, request records, and change their information on file. In general, the different branches of military service use military forms to maintain accurate and up-to-date information about service members, but the forms also serve many other purposes, including conducting investigations and official military correspondence, keeping track of the members’ training and deployments, requesting leave or reporting medical conditions, and filing complaints or requesting disability benefits.


Sales Forms

Sales forms are sales transaction documents for-profit organizations use for many purposes. When sales forms are properly filled-out, they can help businesses manage the many aspects of their sales operation. In general, sales forms are an important part of any for-profit organization’s sales tracking process. By keeping accurate records of sales transactions, sales forms can help businesses track their sales results, analyze the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and monitor customer satisfaction. Sales forms are also used by many organizations to generate reports for decision-making purposes.


School Forms

School forms are academic documents that are used in various school matters, such as admissions or transfer. They come in various types, each one containing different information depending on the purpose it is intended for. In essence, school forms are needed for various purposes, including admission, transfer, dismissal, and recordkeeping, among others.


Family Forms

Family forms are private documents that contain personal information about a family member. There are many different types of family forms, each with its purpose. For example, a birth certificate is used to establish a person’s identity, while a marriage certificate is used to prove that a couple is legally married. Other family forms include divorce decrees and adoption papers. These forms are important documents that must be kept in a safe place, either at home or in a bank vault.


Immigration Forms

Immigration forms are legal documents by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Individuals use these forms to apply for either a temporary visa or permanent residency. In general, you’ll need to complete an immigration form any time you want to enter the United States, whether it be for business, pleasure, or to live permanently.


Passport Forms

Passport forms are government forms that eligible individuals can use to obtain a passport. Those who can use passport forms are typically U.S. citizens who are at least 16 years of age, non-U.S. citizens who have valid immigration documents, and individuals authorized to travel under the Visa Waiver Program. These forms are used to gather important biographic and biometric information, which is then used by government officials to issue passports.


Technology Forms

Technology forms are business documents professionals and businesses across various industries use for several technology-related transactions. These documents can be used for numerous purposes, including gathering information about systems, assets, and processes as well as highlighting creditworthiness or current or future liabilities. These forms are also useful to convey the circumstances of a specific technology situation or ask clients questions about their technology-related needs. 


Travel Forms

Travel forms are used by individuals to ensure safe and well-planned travel. From corporate travel forms that businesses use to track employee travel expenses for reimbursement and tax purposes to travel contact information forms used by schools and tour groups to keep track of where their members are at all times, there is a travel form to fit nearly every need. In general, travel forms are documents that collect important information related to travel, such as contact information, travel itineraries, and expenses.


Motor Vehicle Forms

Motor Vehicle forms are state-specific documents by the motor vehicle department of each state. State agencies have the authority to determine the information that is required for a motor vehicle by law. The forms can help customers obtain licenses, registrations, and other driving-related information from their respective state DMV offices.


These online forms are a great resource for anyone who needs to complete a variety of documents. Whether you are completing admission forms to enroll in a new school or applying for a visa to travel internationally, you can find the right form online with just a few clicks on PDFRun.